TrueNorth Enterprise Edition

compass_rose_black 100Customized to integrate with specific workflows

TrueNorth Enterprise edition exists for specialized tasks that might be required for companies that need to integrate a mapping to into an existing geospatial workflow.

Industrial edition enables the TrueNorth API, allowing end users to create their own custom plug-ins: file formats, database integration, specialised data display, heads-up or navigation elements — all of these things are possible in this edition.

Using the scripting interface end users can automate repetitive and error prone tasks, or script tedious multi-step processes that move data into or out of legacy systems.

TrueNorth Enterprise is available to companies on a per-request basis. If you are interested in integrating TrueNorth into your process, contact us directly for a consultation on how we can assist you.


compass_rose_black 100$1700

  • Database integration
  • 3rd party software
  • Custom development
  • Superior support

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