TrueNorth Professional Edition

compass_rose_blue 100Built for: backcountry professionals

Search and Rescue personnel, ski patrol, oil and gas exploration, mining and mineral exploration, seismic work; these are professionals who need access to professional quality mapping information for field work, whether it’s printed maps or live data through satellite, cellular or offline.

TrueNorth Professional edition contains all of the features of the basic edition, and adds support for popular GIS file formats, advanced report printing and templates, and support for additional plug-ins such as live asset tracking via APRS, radio, satellite messenger and mobile phones. Professional edition interfaces with industry standard GIS formats, and allows for the seamless integration of a mapping product into a geospatial workflow.

If you’re working in the backcountry, you need TrueNorth to give you the kind of intelligence and terrain awareness to do your job right.


compass_rose_blue 100$400

  • Geospatial file formats
  • Report quality printing
  • Analytical & editing tools
  • Professional support

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